Entre Chien et Loup

That particular time in the evening the French romantic artists labeled Between Dog and Wolf. A bit later than dusk but not yet dark that few minutes that creates a magical light that’s perfect for capturing a stunning image.

With this in mind I offer this example of using this magical light when you consider photographing your listing. This property was photographed for a local client that requested that something extra. I arrived at the location approximately forty five minutes prior to sunset, in order to capture a selection of views in full sunlight.


  Nice shot, nothing to really write home about, but it serves its purpose.

Then I set up to capture the magic light and waited. During the following hour or so I made several exposures so that I would a good selection to choose from.

Once the the capture was complete a bit longer in photoshop to tweek it a bit and this is the result. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, use mother nature to your advantage.


   In my opinion a much better shot, detail is maintained but a bit more dynamic.


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