In this business, you hear from REALTORS from time to time complimenting your work, or perhaps from a property owner, but it is rare that one hears from a home buyer. I received this letter from a very pleased home buyer today:

Dear Sir or Ma’am:

I’m not in real estate, but I would like to buy one of your virtual tours.

I recently purchased a home that Heather Feiner (Coldwell Banker DeWetter Hovious) listed. It is at **** Jericho Tree Drive in Mesquite Hills.  I was actually planning to make an offer on a different property. I wasn’t interested in the Mesquite Hills subdivision, because it was so far away from everything. I describe it as being “in the middle of nowhere.”

However, I saw Heather’s online listing, which included your virtual tour, and it was love at first site. So after walking through the house I  thought I was going to buy, I asked my agent to set up an appointment for the Jericho Tree house. I walked into that house with my checkbook in hand,  and my agent walked out with my offer.

There are a number of houses for sale in Mesquite Hills, but it was your virtual tour that convinced me that it was worth making the drive to see one of  them. The photos were great! I was mesmerized by the slide show and even more so by the panoramic views. I would love to save these images, but I can’t  figure out how to do it. And although I see a “save to CD” option on the tours currently on your website, that was not an option with my house.

I know this is not a service that you offer, but is it possible to buy a CD of the **** Jericho Tree Drive virtual tour?

Thank you for your consideration.

Karol P., new owner
**** Jericho Tree Drive
El Paso, TX 79934
As a note to REALTORs that may be following this blog, when you are considering your marketing, you have many choices. We would appreciate your consideration.


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